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All our video transfer work carried out in our office which is based in Kirkcaldy, Fife, we serve the whole of the UK however, most of our work tends to come from Scotland. We are happy for our clients and customer to hand orders in personally if they live locally, if you are unable to hand your order in locally you can send your tapes to us either via Video transfer collection and delivery serviceRoyal Mail or by courier. If sent by Royal mail we always recommend using a tracked service, we have never had an order go missing in the post but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For an additional charge we can arrange for your order to be collected using either Royal Mail or UPS, you would require access to a printer to print a supplied label which you would then attach to your packaged up tapes before collection.

Our opening times are listed below, before turning up we do advise that you contact us before ariving as we do a daily postal run for completed orders being returned to customers.

Video to DVD Opening Times

Monday 09:00 – 16:00

Tuesday 09:00 – 16:00

Wednesday 09:00 – 16:00

Thursday 09:00 – 16:00

Friday 09:00 – 16:00

Saturday Clossed

Sunday 09:00 – 16:00

Please use the form below to contact us at the bottom of the page or phone us with any questions you may have. We aim to reply to all messages with 24 hours however our standard response time is a few hours. We can also be contacted via social media using the icons at the top or bottom of the page in the header and footer.

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    Formats we transfer and convert

    Betamax to DVD

    Video 2000 to DVD

    VHS to DVD

    Super VHS to DVD

    VHS-C to DVD

    Super VHS-C to DVD

    Video 8 to DVD

    Hi8 to DVD

    Digital 8 to DVD

    Mini DV to DVD

    Micro MV to DVD

    Mini DVD to DVD

    Betacam to DVD

    DVCAM to DVD

    DVC Pro to DVD

    HDV to DVD

    Memory Card to DVD

    Betamax to Digital

    Video 2000 to Digital

    VHS to Digital

    Super VHS to Digital

    VHS-C to Digital

    Super VHS-C to Digital

    Video 8 to Digital

    Hi8 to Digital

    Digital 8 to Digital

    Mini DV to Digital

    Micro MV to Digital

    Mini DVD to Digital

    Betacam to Digital

    DVCAM to Digital

    DVC Pro to Digital

    HDV to Digital

    Memory Card to Digital

    Betamax to USB

    Video 2000 to USB

    VHS to USB

    Super VHS to USB

    VHS-C to USB

    Super VHS-C to USB

    Video 8 to USB

    Hi8 to USB

    Digital 8 to USB

    Mini DV to USB

    Micro MV to USB

    Mini DVD to USB

    Betacam to USB

    DVCAM to USB

    DVC Pro to USB

    HDV to USB

    Memory Card to USB

    Betamax to Mp4 (h.264)

    Video 2000 to Mp4 (h.264)

    VHS to Mp4 (h.264)

    Super VHS to Mp4 (h.264)

    VHS-C to Mp4 (h.264)

    Super VHS-C to Mp4 (h.264)

    Video 8 to Mp4 (h.264)

    Hi8 to Mp4 (h.264)

    Digital 8 to Mp4 (h.264)

    Mini DV to Mp4 (h.264)

    Micro MV to Mp4 (h.264)

    Mini DVD to Mp4 (h.264)

    Betacam to Mp4 (h.264)

    DVCAM to Mp4 (h.264)

    DVC Pro to Mp4 (h.264)

    HDV to Mp4 (h.264)

    Memory Card to Mp4 (h.264)

    Betamax to Blu-Ray

    Video 2000 to Blu-Ray

    VHS to Blu-Ray

    Super VHS to Blu-Ray

    VHS-C to Blu-Ray

    Super VHS-C to Blu-Ray

    Video 8 to Blu-Ray

    Hi8 to Blu-Ray

    Digital 8 to Blu-Ray

    Mini DV to Blu-Ray

    Micro MV to Blu-Ray

    Mini DVD to Blu-Ray

    Betacam to Blu-Ray

    DVCAM to Blu-Ray

    DVC Pro to Blu-Ray

    HDV to Blu-Ray

    Memory Card to Blu-Ray