Our transfer prices and formats

Video TransferWe charge the same price regardless of the tape format you have, we don’t believe in charging extra for camcorder or professional tape formats. The table below gives our standard charges as well as the prices for additional copies either on disc or files copied to a USB drive. If choosing video files you can choose to supply your own USB drive or alternatively, we can supply one at an additional cost.  If you really can’t wait to see your footage or arrange to pick up your order right away then why not use our Digital Download service. With our digital download service, we can upload your files which will allow you to download and share them with your family and friends instantly.


To place an order with us simply get in touch and let us know how many video tapes you have, if you are unsure of the running time then don’t worry once we receive your tapes we can let you know how long they run for. When we receive your order we will check the condition of your tapes to ensure they will transfer ok without any issues. If we do happen to find any issues we will let you know and discuss options for repair and transfer.


After checking your tapes we will ask for an upfront payment of £6.00 per tape, with the balance for any additional hours, USB drives or additional copies being paid for on completion prior to dispatch or collection. If you are local you can pay cash on collection and drop off, we also accept payment using Bank Transfer or Debit/Credit card. For customers sending in tapes by post or courier, we don’t recommend sending cash with your order however, we can send you our bank details or debit/credit card invoice that can be paid securely online. We are also able to take card payments over the phone if you don’t want to pay online however, we recommend paying via the secure link where possible.


Our standard turnaround time for most orders is 2-3 days however, we ask you to allow up to 7 days if you have more than 6 tapes. For larger orders of over 20 tapes or tapes that have been recorded in long play, your order may take a little longer. Once we receive your order we will advise you of the expected turnaround time, If you require your order for a specific date, Birthday or anniversary then please let us know in advance, we will always do our very best to get it to you for the required date.

Transfer Prices


£ Price

Tape transfer to DVD or Mpeg 4£6.00 for first hour of footage
Additional hour of footage transferred£4.00 per additional hour
Additional Copy at time of transfer£4.00 per additional copy
USB DriveFrom £8.00 – £20.00 (16gb – 128GB)
Digital Download Service£10.00 per order (up to 20GB)

Full-Size Video Tape Formats

Camcorder Tape Formats

Hi 8Hi8 Transfer, Hi8 to DVD, hi8 to Digital, Hi8 to USB

Digital 8Digital 8 Transfer, Digital 8 to DVD, Digital 8 to Digital, Digital 8 to USB

Mini DVMini DV Transfer, Mini Dv to DVD, Mini DV to Digital, Mini DV to USB

Micro MV Micro MV Transfer, Micro MV to DVD, Micro MV to Digital, Micro MV to USB

HDVHDV Transfer, HDV to DVD, HDV to Blu-Ray, HDV to Bluray, HDV to Digital, HDV to USB

Professional Video Formats

Betacam SP, SX, IMX, Digital Betacam Transfer, Betacam to DVD, Betacam to Digital, Betacam to USB, Betacam to Pro-Res

DVCAM (Small & Large)DVCam Transfer, DVCam to DVD, DVCam to Digital, DVCam to USB, DVCam to Pro-Res

DVCPro 25 & 50 (Small and Large)DVCPro Transfer, DVDPro to DVD, DVCPro to Digital, DVDPro to USB, DVC pro to Pro-Res

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    Formats we transfer and convert

    Betamax to DVD

    Video 2000 to DVD

    VHS to DVD

    Super VHS to DVD

    VHS-C to DVD

    Super VHS-C to DVD

    Video 8 to DVD

    Hi8 to DVD

    Digital 8 to DVD

    Mini DV to DVD

    Micro MV to DVD

    Mini DVD to DVD

    Betacam to DVD

    DVCAM to DVD

    DVC Pro to DVD

    HDV to DVD

    Memory Card to DVD

    Betamax to Digital

    Video 2000 to Digital

    VHS to Digital

    Super VHS to Digital

    VHS-C to Digital

    Super VHS-C to Digital

    Video 8 to Digital

    Hi8 to Digital

    Digital 8 to Digital

    Mini DV to Digital

    Micro MV to Digital

    Mini DVD to Digital

    Betacam to Digital

    DVCAM to Digital

    DVC Pro to Digital

    HDV to Digital

    Memory Card to Digital

    Betamax to USB

    Video 2000 to USB

    VHS to USB

    Super VHS to USB

    VHS-C to USB

    Super VHS-C to USB

    Video 8 to USB

    Hi8 to USB

    Digital 8 to USB

    Mini DV to USB

    Micro MV to USB

    Mini DVD to USB

    Betacam to USB

    DVCAM to USB

    DVC Pro to USB

    HDV to USB

    Memory Card to USB

    Betamax to Mp4 (h.264)

    Video 2000 to Mp4 (h.264)

    VHS to Mp4 (h.264)

    Super VHS to Mp4 (h.264)

    VHS-C to Mp4 (h.264)

    Super VHS-C to Mp4 (h.264)

    Video 8 to Mp4 (h.264)

    Hi8 to Mp4 (h.264)

    Digital 8 to Mp4 (h.264)

    Mini DV to Mp4 (h.264)

    Micro MV to Mp4 (h.264)

    Mini DVD to Mp4 (h.264)

    Betacam to Mp4 (h.264)

    DVCAM to Mp4 (h.264)

    DVC Pro to Mp4 (h.264)

    HDV to Mp4 (h.264)

    Memory Card to Mp4 (h.264)

    Betamax to Blu-Ray

    Video 2000 to Blu-Ray

    VHS to Blu-Ray

    Super VHS to Blu-Ray

    VHS-C to Blu-Ray

    Super VHS-C to Blu-Ray

    Video 8 to Blu-Ray

    Hi8 to Blu-Ray

    Digital 8 to Blu-Ray

    Mini DV to Blu-Ray

    Micro MV to Blu-Ray

    Mini DVD to Blu-Ray

    Betacam to Blu-Ray

    DVCAM to Blu-Ray

    DVC Pro to Blu-Ray

    HDV to Blu-Ray

    Memory Card to Blu-Ray